how do i use these oils?

There are three methods for using essential oils in your journey to better health and peace of mind.



The benefits of essential oils are delivered to your body via inhalation. This can be done with a diffuser, aromatic diffusing jewelry, inhaling directly from the bottle or placing a few drops of oil in your hands then cupping to your nose and mouth.



Some essential oils can be applied directly to your skin. Others may require dilution in a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or almond oil before being applied directly to the skin. There are many roll-on recipes available. The glass rollers are convenient to carry with you for immediate application.



Therapeutic grade oils are safe for internal ingestion. You must be careful to select only the highest quality oils for you and your family. Oils can be added to empty gel capsules, added to a cup of tea or your water bottle (be sure to use glass only).